Calling all eCommerce Retailers...

Hey eCommerce Retailer,

Do you still remember the three most important rules of a successful B2C business? Do you still remember the barrier between winning and failing? Do you still remember what Rice, Kotler and Abraham teaches us?

1) Provide real benefit

2) Make the buying fun and smooth

3) Make the purchase risk free.

Do you dare to ignore these? No problem, how many flowers shall we place on the tombstone of your business?

Do you try to pretend to equal the above rules? Prepare for a long and painful death...

Listen to your customers!

Here is a message to you from one of them:


I love shopping online!!!

As a parent of two small children, in full time employment and a part time student; Shopping online is my saviour! If it’s a birthday, Christmas, special occasions and that new outfit (parents can empathises here… clothes shopping with little ones has got to the ultimate punishment for deciding to have a family!)

You can literally buy anything online, for a time you need or want it. IT’S FANTASTIC!

What happens when you get something that you don’t want? It’s not what you expected or it doesn’t fit? It could turn up possibly damaged because your reliable postman or carrier got a bit heavy handed.


Most online retailers have an easy and stress free returns process… GREAT! The carrier is arranged or you just need to post it back but how? The bag or box they sent it in torn to pieces when you opened it. Or it had really fancy rip tag that pinged it open and now I have got to hunt around the house looking for tape which barely holds the box back together or the mailing bag is stretched to max around the item so you have to cover it top to toes in tape.

Good luck to the guy who has got to try and prize that one open at the other end!!

Could our trusted online retailers make the returns process even easier? What if they provided returnable packaging that makes it is easy for the customer to put back in the post? Or so that poor chap who has got to go through them at the other doesn’t have that mini breakdown when he see a parcel completely comprised tape? I know the answer for me would be YES! Make it easier. YES! No more hunting for tape. PLEASE PLEASE! is all I hear the warehouse man chant. What is worst is that I work in the packaging industry and I know that there are solutions out there that will do exactly that.

Take the lead in your industry to offer something no one does!

Why not leave the 100% money back guarantee behind you and make it believable? 

Are you sure about the benefits you provide? Be generous and offer more than 100% guarantee by making returns smoother.

Pioneer stress free buying and get that returning customer!  

Why don’t you provide multi-functional packaging to send and resend your products?

Talking to your packaging expert is much more fun than talking the grave-digger. Do it then!

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