30 Jun 2017

Who is the silent salesperson?

Underestimating the role of packaging.

Are salespeople the key to buying power? Should we be re-evaluating the role that salespeople play in buyer decision making? Who is the silent salesperson, often overlooked and underestimated? Salespeople need to be knowledgeable about their products and buyers rely on them to distinguish between product features and benefits, against store profits. What’s often underplayed is the importance of packaging… packaging knowledge can empower a workforce.

Adopt a stronger position on packaging.
Educating the salesforce.

Good sales people will have packaging awareness and know that it puts themselves and buyers in a stronger position. They should be the font of all knowledge, a vessel used to relay valuable information and packaging companies should support them.
So what are you doing to support sales teams?

Buyers look at the bottom line….profits! They can’t avert failure but with the support of a knowing salesperson, they can establish relevancy to consumers, which supports decision making. Buyers and salespeople have a symbiotic relationship, so where does packaging come in?

The demand for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) has grown and any salesperson worth their salt will know that it can reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and some even argue that it increases sales and profits. Yes, all of that is important, but is it really a deal breaker?

 What about the graphics?
How distinctive is the product when lined up on a shelf against its competitors or even as a line extension?

Packaging companies don’t just package, they consider the product, the target audience, the production line and materials, not to mention the graphic designs. The thought processes and reasoning behind the product has already been mapped out and salespeople need to maximise on that to become, not just a good salesperson, but an excellent one.

So, education and shared knowledge is crucial to buying power, consumer sales and profits….simple!

allpack® know that knowledge is power and with over twenty years of experience the solutions and services they have on offer builds on collaboration, which means that when you engage allpack’s® services, your salespeople will get the lowdown on everything packaging related!

So why don’t you book a free consultation today and see
how allpack® can boost your sales through sales empowerment!

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Original Source: Packworld.com: Packaging can Empower a Salesforce by Sterling Anthony, CPP, Contributing Editor (June, 1, 2016)

23 Jun 2017

Who and what are the 'game changers' in product design?

Keeping ahead with Best Practice
Packaging and designs can have a massive influence on who will purchase your products. If the designs don’t match with the target audience it doesn’t matter how good the product is, it won’t sell.  allpack® Packaging are surrounded each day with examples of best practice in the field of packaging and design, which is why when we heard ...

How good designs can signify Happiness and Health.
Freedom with colour palettes and design.

When a customer approaches with a concept for a product, it’s the job of the design and packaging team to come up with something unique.… something that can compete against major brands.The design and packaging company employed by the discount retailer were given a remit to produce a baby care essentials range that would be affordable yet accessible for all. It was a private label brand and because it could be sold within their supermarkets, there were no main competitors.

This meant the designers could have greater freedom with designs.

Much like the process allpack® follow, the graphic design team met with the company. They were told to name, brand and package design for a full portfolio. And like many customers who come to us, this company were to also be restricted by the fact the packaging structures were already decided. The range was to comprise of bottles, pouches, bags and canisters.

This company were given a seed of an idea from the retailer: Happiness and Health and through collaboration, no detail was overlooked. Each product was to be differentiated through the use of colour. Natural watercolour designs were used to convey quality and resonated modernity to modern-day mothers. Emotion was conveyed via carefully selected images on labelling, like handprints for non-food items. The colours and illustrations they used communicated trust and pureness of ingredients used; all factors modern-moms like to consider when purchasing from a baby range.

The range designs were a real success, but why?
*Customer and design team collaboration
*Use of colours
*Lettering / images
*Understanding a target audience
*Differentiation between products

allpack® believe in learning from the fine examples of other companies; it’s all a learning process. We enjoy and embrace design challenges. With our bespoke solutions we never think we have all the answers, we want to be sure that our customer’s voice can be heard and ideas shared.

Yes, we have expertise, knowledge, manufacturing capabilities and materials knowledge
but when you engage with us for bespoke solutions we believe it’s a meeting of the minds.

One thing you can be sure of, is at allpack® we will give you the most stylish designs, make packaging with the most suitable materials and enhance your product to meet your target audience. Put simply, if what we do, doesn’t add value, we will, literally, go back to the drawing board until you’re satisfied.
So, if you are looking for a company that moves with the times, has extensive product and packaging experience and isn’t afraid to learn from others,
you really should talk to your packaging expert...allpack®.

Check out how allpack® can help you to add a little colour into your product.

Source: Packaging World: Dec 2016 ‘Aldi Embarks on a Little Journey’.

16 Jun 2017

Consumer Choice in the Organic versus Classic Branding War.

How and why CPG’s should keep consumers informed on organic products?
Feeling the pressure?
Marketing trends show that consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, thus, the demand for natural and organic food products has risen. As a consumer the benefits are all theirs, however, concerns from product companies are growing, as main stream brands are losing out to smaller competitors focused on authenticity, quality and transparency.   American brands are already feeling the pressure.

The key to success: understanding the market

How can you do this?
One successful way in which companies can adapt is by staying current via acquisitions. Acquirers in less prosperous deals use vague strategies, such as: filling portfolio gaps, building a third leg of a portfolio and pursuing international scale. The more lucrative acquisitions target: skills and technologies at lower costs, create market access for products, improve performance and remove excess capacity from an industry.

These actions enable adaptability but most importantly create value.

allpack® have reviewed market trends in organic food sales and discovered the following:
*Firstly, there is a need for classic brands to attract the new health-conscious consumer. We believe that the packaging of the organic food should be gentler and lighter in colour and the packaging should reflect the benefits to the consumer.
*Secondly, allpack® have realised that you can maximise product sales by modifying existing formulations to fit within a new range of products.
*Finally, we understand that simply changing a product to say, ‘no artificial preservatives’ ,or adding a small green sign denoting ‘organic’ or a blue ribbons for lighter mayonnaise, are small but mighty changes which permit a company to reinforce a new or updated product with no architectural changes to a bottle.
As a CPG, what does this mean for you?

Well, CPG’s need to move with the times, embracing consumer desires. Organic food is evolving and businesses are required to meet this new food revolution. Consumers want to be better informed about what they put in their mouths.

allpack® have identified that overselling the health benefits of a product is a dangerous practice. Consumers don’t like to be misled, so keeping existing and new consumer’s informed of changes to their favourite product is crucial.

So don’t hesitate! Make packaging part of your solution to the new organic revolution!

Use packaging to help the consumer believe the classic, top selling brands are what they love, have always loved and can continue to love for many years!

How can allpack® help?

Here at allpack®, we sell a tantalising range of packaging products to suit your every need, from adhesive tapes and labels, to paper and polythene products, strapping, strings and twines.

We can help customise printed tapes and labels or use existing logos; even sending you a free mock up if you’re not sure.

Our range of Kraft papers, sisal twines and strung labels can help you achieve the authentic look consumers are looking for.
In addition, allpack® sell an extensive range of double, single and die cut cartons, perfect for those all-important packaging changes.

We can help you to keep ahead of this ever changing market. We have the specialist knowledge to help you discover what’s best for your businesses packaging needs.

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13 Jun 2017

Sponsorship proves blood is thicker than water.

Bloodwise Champions at Blenheim Palace
Life is a gift for living, which is why allpack® decided to sponsor Bloodwise Champions to complete a triathlon on Saturday 03 June 2017. It was an exhaustive day of running, swimming and cycling set in historical Blenheim Palace, topped by blue skies and warm temperatures! Take a look at how our Champions did on the day!

Why we sponsor?
Championing better lives for those with blood cancer.
The Bloodwise Triathlon 2017 is a day when stamina and strength is tested to the max. A course of swimming, cycling and running isn’t for the faint hearted, but this didn’t deter the 5,000 competitors who raised a staggering £300,000.

Funds raised from an event like this, go towards finding cures for blood cancer, a disease that does not discriminate based on age, gender or race...a disease that will touch the hearts of many who suffer with this condition and their families.

allpack® believes in giving to those less fortunate than themselves and the Bloodwise Charity is one of many charities where we think our contributions can make the difference.

However people contribute to the lives of others….sponsorship…..charity events…..donations, allpack® think everyone who attended the Triathlon was a Champion!

6 Jun 2017

How to provide reasons to buy....

Smaller companies are showing big brands how to interact with consumers, but how?

Spanish winery, Bodegas Jaime has revolutionised the labels on their vermouth bottles. Vermouth is considered an outdated drink by many and they needed something more eye catching to draw attention to their drink. So, they developed a label so unique that sales of their product soared, even without a traditional launch campaign. Find out how they took their packaging to another dimension. Read on>>

Strike Gold with Label Designs.
Consumers who interact with their product, buy.
Small companies can often get swamped by their larger competitors, not because they don’t have an excellent product, but because their advertising budgets are much smaller. Making a statement with their product is so important, thus, companies need to be inventive to stay in the game.

One such company has proven that the key to branding lies in packaging and in their case they chose labels to create maximum impact on consumers. They produced a label that actually moved….not a display label, but an illusion based on an old 19th century toy, the ‘Zoetrope’. They had a paper label with a series of graphics and over the top a moveable acetate (polyvinyl chloride) with vertical lines. When the acetate was moved around the bottle, it gave the appearance of continuous movement.

 Martin Jaime, the label designer, struck gold in more ways than one!
 - Firstly, he had something unique that no other company had.
 - Secondly, his labels were cost effective, costing 0.03 euros more and didn’t require any additional machinery for application.
 - Thirdly, they discovered that in 80% of cases consumers who picked up a bottle of their vermouth, purchased it.

The label meant that customers were interacting with the product, therefore, they were buying it.

A brand identity and connection was also being built, which ultimately led to more sales. Such was its success that it sold 35,000 bottles in seven different countries with no traditional publicity….just word of mouth and social media. Since its launch in October 2015, there have been a further two vermouth flavours.
Here at allpack® packaging we invite you to test out our bespoke solutions. We are continually looking for groundbreaking ideas and concepts; innovations and manufacturing techniques that will help give your products that all important edge in a competitive market. It’s no longer good enough to have a grade ‘A’ product. As in the example of the Vermouth labels, they were a small producer, with a negative product perception. Their challenge was to provide people with a reason to taste it and interacting with the customer was key critical.

Our teams of graphic designers can revitalise your product with designs that will be both stylish and engaging and along with our manufacturing capabilities, in both cardboard and polymers, we can produce your chosen designs to give you a quality finished product.

So think about it, do you want your product to make packaging headlines for all the right reasons? Have you conceived an idea so powerful that you think it would go viral? Do you need some help to simply generate customer interaction?

Well, allpack® have the means to make your products engage in another dimension!

For an informal chat on how our unique bespoke design, manufacture and supply solutions can create a social media buzz and raise your marketing game,
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30 May 2017

The 'Square Box' Rule of Packaging Revealed.

What’s the first rule about ‘Square boxes?’       
You don’t talk about square boxes….you can’t fit all items into square boxes…..you could be losing money by using square boxes! So many businesses still choose traditional boxes to send goods out in. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all received packages from companies in huge boxes, with a tiny item inside, surrounded by void fill packaging. allpack® are here ...

To square or not to square, that is the question?
You can’t fit a round item in a square box….

It’s sad, but true that so many packaging operations still use the humble square box. It’s neat and we think it meets all of our needs, but does it?

A square box will most likely only be useful if what is going inside is also square. If not, you could have a number of problems on your hands:

Excess void fill and associated costs could be costing your company money.
High volume returns because products have been damaged in transit due to ill fitting packaging.
Surplus waste due to more cardboard being used than is necessary.

It’s clear that a square cardboard box is not the perfect packing companion for most goods, which is why at allpack® we strive to educate our customers on smart packaging and void fill options.
A variety of the services we offer support best practices and really do look closely at your packaging so that you know what is best for your business.

We’re all about informed choices.

Our Process Intelligence Service will look at how you pack, what you pack with and how much waste you generate.
Whilst, our Bespoke Package Design Service will give you specialist packaging, specific to your product, so that you never have to use another square box again, if you don’t want to!

You don’t need to favour square boxes, so make them rare in your packaging operation.

Talk to an allpack® packaging expert and get free packaging advice today!

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23 May 2017

Are Serial Returners 'killing' your eCommerce Business?

What do your e-commerce returns tell you? Product return rates have long been measured across internet sales, mainly because returns can indicate an issue with website content, customer service or even product expectations. But what if your returns are being caused by something much simpler?

Reduce Returns and get Customer Satisfaction.

Make Packaging Count.

A recent study by Barclays of internet sales returns, indicates that products are being returned at a rate of 30% and even higher, depending on the product.

In an ever growing competitive online market, customers hold all the cards.So, retailers need to analyse why so many goods are being returned and what their main issues are with it. If you’re reading this, then, you most probably understand that consumers like their goods to arrive in good condition. Smashed packaging, ripped bags, products rattling around inside boxes, imply that goods could be damaged. If care hasn’t been taken with the packaging, what does that say about the product being sold or the attitude of the seller? Put simply it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if the packaging doesn’t reflect it, consumers will be put off.

Don’t let your packaging let you, your product and your customer’s down.

Here at allpack® our services can assist in reducing those returns:

*Our process intelligence will save you money, give you efficient quality packaging and produce less waste, which is harmful to the environment.
*Our bespoke design service will elevate your brand, making your product more desirable to consumers. You can be involved every step of the way in the design process, so you get a product and packaging suitable for you and your consumers.
*We are experts in void fill packaging and outer packaging, selling equipment to support your business. Air bags, foam, chips, cardboard or mail bags….take your pick!
*Our range of consumables means that you don’t have to compromise on fulfilling your packaging needs, especially when our goods can be bulk bought, carry quality standards and are bond marked.

So, if you want to have fewer returns, more satisfied customers and elevated product status, allpack’s® range of services could be just what you’re looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Allpack® have all the answers that could help you break free from ‘serial returners’ and regain control of your e-commerce operation.

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