Void fill solutions that won’t harm the environment.

Making damages your top priority.

100% green void fill protection.

Do you care about the environment, but you’re not sure how you can change your packaging without affecting performance or quality? Making eco-friendly choices shouldn’t be a choice between performance or quality. With our paper void fill systems, you can have it all. You can have no movement in your boxes, reduce your returns and damage to products and make a choice to protect that will not damage the environment.

Flexible Protective Packaging.
All-round protection guaranteed.
Damages are a top priority for many companies. Poorly packaged items can lead to an increase in damages and result in higher returns. So, items that don’t fit in a box, must be secured and what better way to do it than with an eco-friendly void fill that is FSC certified.

Paperplus® paper void fill offers all-round protection for all of you packaged goods and at allpack® you can choose from: Paperplus® Classic, Paperplus® Papillon, Paperplus® Chevron and Paperplus® Shooter.

Fast and efficient….100% recyclable….. biodegradable…..compostable!

Paperplus® Classic is the perfect solution for heavy weight items. Robust and tear resistant, this flexible paper offers excellent bump protection and 2-ply cushioning to ensure that your products don’t bounce around.

Paperplus® Papillon is a soft and flexible paper void fill that expertly wraps around small to medium sized items, so items remain secure within your cartons. With the Paperplus® machine you can deliver high volume paper at speed, increasing packing speeds and reducing user fatigue.

Paperplus® Chevron produces crinkled paper tubes that use less paper but still offer excellent shock absorption. Ideal for light to medium weight items and it even comes with easy tear perforations so you can pack quickly and efficiently.

Paperplus® Shooter produces multi-layer protection from single-ply paper, delivered at an amazing 3.7 metres per second, so you can fill cartons with ease. Paper perfection and protection can be achieved at your packing station with a system that boasts an automatic cutting device and is simple to use.
Checkout our Paperplus® systems in action:

So, if you’re looking for a void fill system that won’t harm the environment, can be easily transferred between packing stations, has a greater yield than single-ply Kraft paper and can deliver void fill at high volume, Paperplus® is the choice for you.

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