Environmental Legal Compliance Deadline 31 January 2020.

Can you afford to give inaccurate data?
Get it right this January!

Are you an Obligated Producer? Then you’ll be interested to know that as the 31 January Deadline approaches getting your paperwork and records together correctly, has never been more important. Back in November Manchester based Roydon Resource Company, a company responsible for  exporting plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and WEEE abroad, was given a five day suspension for a breach to schedule 5 of the The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007. An enforceable piece of legislation governing Environmental Compliance. It related specifically to plastics and prevented the company from issuing recycling evidence on plastic exported for processing.

How organised are you this year?
Generate your reports with accuracy.

Do you have all your information collated? Don’t wait to get it wrong, start being proactive and if you think you need extra support...ask. Remember, if you are a company that handles 50 tonnes of packaging materials, has a turnover of £2 million plus or provides licenses to other businesses, this applies to you. You should have registered last year (April 7) as an Obligated Producer with an Environmental Regulator or joined a Compliance Scheme.

As an Obligated Producer, you are responsible for recovering and recycling packaging materials and the laws that govern this fall under EU Directive 94/62/EC and any subsequent regulations that make Environmental Compliance enforceable. You are responsible for holding up to date, accurate information, so you meet that compliance. PRN’s (Packaging Recovery Notes) form part of that data and provide evidence that waste packaging material has been recycled into a new product. Make sure the evidence you gather comes from legitimate sources otherwise you could face prosecution.

A reprocessor that issues PRN’s, such as Roydon Resources, is responsible for ensuring they keep accurate records too. All sites have to be approved, all documentation must state what types of materials are being reprocessed and business plans must even stipulate where the money generated is being re-invested. Reprocessors have an exhaustive list of documentation that they must evidence, when called upon. Breaches in their records can lead to suspension or even refusal of accreditation by the Environment Agency. So, as an  Obligated Producer you must be confident that the companies you choose to export your packaging through, are operating within the boundaries of the law.

On a final note, Obligated Producers pay annual registration fees plus any penalties payable for offences committed. On the 31 January 2020 your company should submit a Certificate of Compliance generated by the NPWD (National Packaging Waste Database) signed off by an authorised individual or from a Compliance Scheme.

At allpack® we are all too aware of the importance of issuing clear data and information to the relevant governing bodies. Number crunching is not for everyone, so if you need support getting your waste reports in order, speak to a member of our team. We guarantee the support we offer will not affect your brand or customer experience. 
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26 November Accreditation Suspended for Plastic Packaging Waste Exporter: James Langley
27 November Plastic Packaging Waste Exporters Suspension Lifted: James Langley