Proud Sponsors of Francois Kishtoo - BSA Cup Winner!

This is François Kishtoo a loyal customer and SuperKart enthusiast who successfully became the British SuperKart Associations Cup Winner!

While he revels in his well-deserved glory we too feel the occasion to celebrate with him. allpack® has proudly been sponsoring François and his SuperKart endeavours for some time now and we feel quite comfortable in claiming some of the glory.

“What have you done to steal some of the spot light?” I hear you cry!

allpack® have helped provide that financial support so that a dream can become reality! Apparently a Raider Honda doesn’t run itself and we can safely say we contributed to the running of it.

Now we don’t just get to snip a bit of the glory and claim it for our own, the sponsorship works to our advantage as well. You may think that in saying that we are naively honest, and it may well be.

In reality, especially when it comes to the exchange of monies, it has to mutually beneficial. The Sponsorship with François is exactly that. In return for our support we have strengthen an already beautiful business relationship and demonstrated in black and white our wiliness to fully live by the company’s mantra of ‘A BETTER PACKAGE’. We are not just providing packaging solutions but we fully supporting our customers.

If you are a customer or a business looking to get more from your packaging supplier get in touch or you can visit our website and see what we extras we add as standard.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you!