allpack® and Jiffy Packaging.

Here at allpack® we supply a multitude of dispatch packaging solutions. We work very closely with some of the industry’s biggest brands and Jiffy Packaging is one of them.

We are proud to be able to supply a full range of Jiffy Packaging Products and work with them on producing unique bespoke products for our customers. In an article in August this year we saw Fiona MacDougall speak with Stuart Pritchard at Retail Packaging about where the business has come from and where it is heading. It will make for an interesting read as it will help you understand that Jiffy Packaging products are not just limited to the Jiffy Bags we all know and love.

Jiffy Packaging manufacture a wide range of items from the Jiffy padded postal bags and their light weight equivalents to bubble wrap, foam wrap and edge/corner protection. It is well known brand and is well respected in the packaging industry. It is so well loved and the brand so powerful that it has become like ‘Hoover’ is to vacuum cleaners. We think postal bag, we think ‘Jiffy’ even when it is not a Jiffy product.

Jiffy Packaging are an inspiring and innovative organisation always bringing us something new, which means that we can bring you something new!

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