What is the search engine optimisation for retail? The answer is packaging?

Research conducted by DR. R. Andrew Hurley for his article ‘Packaging is the Search Engine Optimisation of Retail’ makes for a very interesting read and something that every marketing team should read. We want to summarise some of the points here as they will provide key to developing our own brand and ours.

Dr. Hurley explores I his article the ‘Unseen is Unsold’. He discusses the here not just that product placement on the shelves as impacting on this factor. He looked into how people reacted to the seen and unseen product, when it comes to packaging. He suggests that carefully designing your packaging so that it is not just attractive but the product can be seen from the outside you are more likely to gain a sale. ‘Consumers purchase packages that show the product inside more frequently than the same packaging without the benefit of product display.’

He also discusses ‘Research, design, test, optimise and repeat’ and ‘the power of eye tracking’. Telling our marketing teams that really looking at market trends and competition isn’t enough. If we want our brand to be successful we need to refine the packaging, find something that gets really good test results.

He use eye tracking as a way to test how a consumer would respond to a products packaging which gives ‘the advantage of comparing what consumers think they see with what they actually see.’

So the power is all in the packaging, not a new concept but we really do underestimate the power it has on the store shelf.

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