We have a Mystery Month to be had!

February is no exception and we are giving away a FREE Airpillow Machine to anyone who places an order for 3 rolls of their chosen Airpillow film every month!

Why Airpillow?

Air Pilllow is fantastic alternative to other protective packaging. It is super easy to use, it takes minimum training to operate the machine and will save a tonne of time on unrolling and cutting down bubble wrap or foam wrap.

What is so great about this product you only need to inflate what you need when you need it! The rolls are so tidy and small you won’t even notice them on your racking saving you valuable warehouse space.

Air Pillow is also more versatile and a green alternative to conventional protective packaging! If you are a business who are environmentally conscious then this for you! The product is made of a lot less plastic that, loosefill. Bubble wrap and foam wrap.

What is quite possibly one of the best things about Air Pillow is that it elevates your customer experience! They don’t have a mass off loosefill, bubble wrap or foam to get through to get their purchase and then dispose of!

It provides more protection than traditional protective packaging, decreasing the chances your customer could receive a damaged item. That’s great for you too… Reduce you returns and complaints. Increase customer satisfaction and secure return business.

Sounds pretty good!

To get involved just register your interest and we will send you your
unique code to get that FREE Airpillow machine!

If you need more information, no problem get in touch with your packaging expert: