What a difference an hour makes!

Maybe, take your lunch break, a meeting, perhaps a coffee and a chat with friends, watch two episodes of your favourite T.V show? Or....

What if I said allpack® could get a delivery to you just an hour or so after you placed it? Would you say it was impossible? Well I am here to tell you it can and has been done!
Allpack have and can receive an order, process it, pick from stock, load a vehicle and deliver it, all in a staggering hour and six minutes! One of our longest standing customers based just in Birmingham recently did just that! They challenged us to deliver stock items within an hour. The gauntlet had been thrown down and as we love a challenge, we set about making it happen!

Our team of professionals quickly processed the order and because we carried stock in our Great Bear distribution centre, we were able to deliver the requested pallets of goods in just over an hour! Our customers are amazed when we get goods to their door same day, but to get it there in one hour and six minutes, I must admit we surprised ourselves a little!

"Not bad – email 12:59 – needing delivery within the hour
and the stock is at the site at 14:05.

Job well done – Many thanks"

That’s not just efficient, speedy and proactive! That’s amazing! Not quite the speed of light…..but pretty close!

It just demonstrates that our operation is slick and streamline, with some fantastic staff driving the business forward, getting stuck in to get the customer satisfaction that sets up apart from the rest of the packaging world.

You can put allpack® to the test and become one of our many success stories! Speak to our team today