What's Heavyweight, dark and strong?

This month’s Mysterious March offer will have you ‘cleaning up’ in more ways than one. This month’s essential offer could be just what you need in your workplace this Spring.

Think….dark…..strong….heavyweight...think….very handy!  Think...smells….think…..hazards….think you want to know more?   Discover this month’s deal >>

Bag a Good Deal!
This month we are offering you the chance to stockpile our black refuse sacks.

You probably think ‘it’s just a bag’! But stop and think what life would be like without them in your workplace if you ran out……
Rubbish piling up = smells = rats! Trip hazards! Untidy workplaces can become hazardous in more ways than one.

So this March bag a good deal!

Our offer means you get a plentiful supply of refuse sacks, that are ideal in any workplace environment.

Your store cupboard won’t ever be empty and you get to clean up by eliminating those Health and Safety nightmares.

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