Fun time is tea time!
Allpack® have decided to have some fun this April, with our very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!
After working hard all day long James Burbridge, our latest Business Development Executive, always finds time for tea! Check out his ‘tea alerts’ on LinkedIn!   But now we want you to get in on the act! Could you be crowned our next ‘Mad Hatter’?   So cock your pinky, raise a cup of tea to your lips and strike a pose!

Get involved this April!
Grab your cuppa and camera!

Join our hall of fame with pictures of you and your colleagues enjoying a cuppa whilst posing with your favourite allpack® product.

Now it could be a selfie with your favourite brew and one of our products, or it could be you and your colleagues, with cup in hand and product in the other.

We really don’t mind! Share your favourite allpack® product with others and have some fun too! James will be viewing these, with tea in hand and pinky out stretched and our staff will be getting in on the act, so don’t be out done...strike that pose!
Here’s one to get you started and there will be more to follow on our social media posts.

We want to hear what you think about them, but most of all, we want to see all you ‘Mad Hatters’ getting involved!

We won’t judge...honestly.The crazier your pictures the better. You can choose to caption it, or ask people to write a caption for you. We love the people who buy our products, so join our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Hall of Fame and show us what you’ve got!

Don’t forget if you see anything you fancy from our product range,
James or our customer service team can help to locate it for you, or you could browse our catalogue.

We don’t mind!

Promote, share and don’t give a care! >>>

Have fun this April with allpack® packaging!