Improving Customer Service with a Better Package.

Is it really that important for your business and your customers? 
Can you put a value on it? 
How does it link to your brand?

The customer experience is crucial to any sale or business transaction from purchasing a coffee to ordering a new kitchen. Get it wrong and you will not get repeat business or might even lose the sale at the time.
You have a customer experience in some form or another several times a day and often without realising it. This could be using a product, purchasing a product, or even just simply browsing online.

I will give you a personal example of a customer experience about 8 years ago when going to a local KFC store. On entering the store (which wasn’t busy) I noticed a customer waiting near the counter. It appeared he had placed his order and was waiting for his food. As there were no staff asking me for my order, I politely waited to be served – but stood back abit to give the other customer some room.

I waited for about 10 minutes and no staff asked me for my order or took any notice at all (even though the restaurant was virtually empty). I tried to get a member of staff’s attention but without any luck. Another customer walks in and goes straight to the counter and made abit of a commotion as there were no staff – and he gets his order taken straightaway. To my horror the other customer who had been waiting in front of me had not been served either and he was getting annoyed as I was.
I decided enough was enough and as I was a hungry customer and thought I would take my business elsewhere. Along the road to McDonald’s and within 4 minutes I had my food and was tucking in. Slightly different to say the least to wasting over 15 minutes at KFC.

The stark message to me is this experience is constantly in my mind if I am contemplating going to KFC and how a negative experience has over 10 times the impact in your buying decisions.

It is no wonder that this KFC store closed down within a year and the warning is to everyone – make sure you give your customers the right experience. If you do something wrong, go above and beyond to put this right.

A good customer experience adds loyalty, value and advocacy to your brand or business.

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