The 'Square Box' Rule of Packaging Revealed.

What’s the first rule about ‘Square boxes?’       
You don’t talk about square boxes….you can’t fit all items into square boxes… could be losing money by using square boxes! So many businesses still choose traditional boxes to send goods out in. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all received packages from companies in huge boxes, with a tiny item inside, surrounded by void fill packaging. allpack® are here ...

To square or not to square, that is the question?
You can’t fit a round item in a square box….

It’s sad, but true that so many packaging operations still use the humble square box. It’s neat and we think it meets all of our needs, but does it?

A square box will most likely only be useful if what is going inside is also square. If not, you could have a number of problems on your hands:

Excess void fill and associated costs could be costing your company money.
High volume returns because products have been damaged in transit due to ill fitting packaging.
Surplus waste due to more cardboard being used than is necessary.

It’s clear that a square cardboard box is not the perfect packing companion for most goods, which is why at allpack® we strive to educate our customers on smart packaging and void fill options.
A variety of the services we offer support best practices and really do look closely at your packaging so that you know what is best for your business.

We’re all about informed choices.

Our Process Intelligence Service will look at how you pack, what you pack with and how much waste you generate.
Whilst, our Bespoke Package Design Service will give you specialist packaging, specific to your product, so that you never have to use another square box again, if you don’t want to!

You don’t need to favour square boxes, so make them rare in your packaging operation.

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