Consumer Choice in the Organic versus Classic Branding War.

How and why CPG’s should keep consumers informed on organic products?
Feeling the pressure?
Marketing trends show that consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, thus, the demand for natural and organic food products has risen. As a consumer the benefits are all theirs, however, concerns from product companies are growing, as main stream brands are losing out to smaller competitors focused on authenticity, quality and transparency.   American brands are already feeling the pressure.

The key to success: understanding the market

How can you do this?
One successful way in which companies can adapt is by staying current via acquisitions. Acquirers in less prosperous deals use vague strategies, such as: filling portfolio gaps, building a third leg of a portfolio and pursuing international scale. The more lucrative acquisitions target: skills and technologies at lower costs, create market access for products, improve performance and remove excess capacity from an industry.

These actions enable adaptability but most importantly create value.

allpack® have reviewed market trends in organic food sales and discovered the following:
*Firstly, there is a need for classic brands to attract the new health-conscious consumer. We believe that the packaging of the organic food should be gentler and lighter in colour and the packaging should reflect the benefits to the consumer.
*Secondly, allpack® have realised that you can maximise product sales by modifying existing formulations to fit within a new range of products.
*Finally, we understand that simply changing a product to say, ‘no artificial preservatives’ ,or adding a small green sign denoting ‘organic’ or a blue ribbons for lighter mayonnaise, are small but mighty changes which permit a company to reinforce a new or updated product with no architectural changes to a bottle.
As a CPG, what does this mean for you?

Well, CPG’s need to move with the times, embracing consumer desires. Organic food is evolving and businesses are required to meet this new food revolution. Consumers want to be better informed about what they put in their mouths.

allpack® have identified that overselling the health benefits of a product is a dangerous practice. Consumers don’t like to be misled, so keeping existing and new consumer’s informed of changes to their favourite product is crucial.

So don’t hesitate! Make packaging part of your solution to the new organic revolution!

Use packaging to help the consumer believe the classic, top selling brands are what they love, have always loved and can continue to love for many years!

How can allpack® help?

Here at allpack®, we sell a tantalising range of packaging products to suit your every need, from adhesive tapes and labels, to paper and polythene products, strapping, strings and twines.

We can help customise printed tapes and labels or use existing logos; even sending you a free mock up if you’re not sure.

Our range of Kraft papers, sisal twines and strung labels can help you achieve the authentic look consumers are looking for.
In addition, allpack® sell an extensive range of double, single and die cut cartons, perfect for those all-important packaging changes.

We can help you to keep ahead of this ever changing market. We have the specialist knowledge to help you discover what’s best for your businesses packaging needs.

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