How to provide reasons to buy....

Smaller companies are showing big brands how to interact with consumers, but how?

Spanish winery, Bodegas Jaime has revolutionised the labels on their vermouth bottles. Vermouth is considered an outdated drink by many and they needed something more eye catching to draw attention to their drink. So, they developed a label so unique that sales of their product soared, even without a traditional launch campaign. Find out how they took their packaging to another dimension. Read on>>

Strike Gold with Label Designs.
Consumers who interact with their product, buy.
Small companies can often get swamped by their larger competitors, not because they don’t have an excellent product, but because their advertising budgets are much smaller. Making a statement with their product is so important, thus, companies need to be inventive to stay in the game.

One such company has proven that the key to branding lies in packaging and in their case they chose labels to create maximum impact on consumers. They produced a label that actually moved….not a display label, but an illusion based on an old 19th century toy, the ‘Zoetrope’. They had a paper label with a series of graphics and over the top a moveable acetate (polyvinyl chloride) with vertical lines. When the acetate was moved around the bottle, it gave the appearance of continuous movement.

 Martin Jaime, the label designer, struck gold in more ways than one!
 - Firstly, he had something unique that no other company had.
 - Secondly, his labels were cost effective, costing 0.03 euros more and didn’t require any additional machinery for application.
 - Thirdly, they discovered that in 80% of cases consumers who picked up a bottle of their vermouth, purchased it.

The label meant that customers were interacting with the product, therefore, they were buying it.

A brand identity and connection was also being built, which ultimately led to more sales. Such was its success that it sold 35,000 bottles in seven different countries with no traditional publicity….just word of mouth and social media. Since its launch in October 2015, there have been a further two vermouth flavours.
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