Who and what are the 'game changers' in product design?

Keeping ahead with Best Practice
Packaging and designs can have a massive influence on who will purchase your products. If the designs don’t match with the target audience it doesn’t matter how good the product is, it won’t sell.  allpack® Packaging are surrounded each day with examples of best practice in the field of packaging and design, which is why when we heard ...

How good designs can signify Happiness and Health.
Freedom with colour palettes and design.

When a customer approaches with a concept for a product, it’s the job of the design and packaging team to come up with something unique.… something that can compete against major brands.The design and packaging company employed by the discount retailer were given a remit to produce a baby care essentials range that would be affordable yet accessible for all. It was a private label brand and because it could be sold within their supermarkets, there were no main competitors.

This meant the designers could have greater freedom with designs.

Much like the process allpack® follow, the graphic design team met with the company. They were told to name, brand and package design for a full portfolio. And like many customers who come to us, this company were to also be restricted by the fact the packaging structures were already decided. The range was to comprise of bottles, pouches, bags and canisters.

This company were given a seed of an idea from the retailer: Happiness and Health and through collaboration, no detail was overlooked. Each product was to be differentiated through the use of colour. Natural watercolour designs were used to convey quality and resonated modernity to modern-day mothers. Emotion was conveyed via carefully selected images on labelling, like handprints for non-food items. The colours and illustrations they used communicated trust and pureness of ingredients used; all factors modern-moms like to consider when purchasing from a baby range.

The range designs were a real success, but why?
*Customer and design team collaboration
*Use of colours
*Lettering / images
*Understanding a target audience
*Differentiation between products

allpack® believe in learning from the fine examples of other companies; it’s all a learning process. We enjoy and embrace design challenges. With our bespoke solutions we never think we have all the answers, we want to be sure that our customer’s voice can be heard and ideas shared.

Yes, we have expertise, knowledge, manufacturing capabilities and materials knowledge
but when you engage with us for bespoke solutions we believe it’s a meeting of the minds.

One thing you can be sure of, is at allpack® we will give you the most stylish designs, make packaging with the most suitable materials and enhance your product to meet your target audience. Put simply, if what we do, doesn’t add value, we will, literally, go back to the drawing board until you’re satisfied.
So, if you are looking for a company that moves with the times, has extensive product and packaging experience and isn’t afraid to learn from others,
you really should talk to your packaging expert...allpack®.

Check out how allpack® can help you to add a little colour into your product.

Source: Packaging World: Dec 2016 ‘Aldi Embarks on a Little Journey’.