Who is the silent salesperson?

Underestimating the role of packaging.

Are salespeople the key to buying power? Should we be re-evaluating the role that salespeople play in buyer decision making? Who is the silent salesperson, often overlooked and underestimated? Salespeople need to be knowledgeable about their products and buyers rely on them to distinguish between product features and benefits, against store profits. What’s often underplayed is the importance of packaging… packaging knowledge can empower a workforce.

Adopt a stronger position on packaging.
Educating the salesforce.

Good sales people will have packaging awareness and know that it puts themselves and buyers in a stronger position. They should be the font of all knowledge, a vessel used to relay valuable information and packaging companies should support them.
So what are you doing to support sales teams?

Buyers look at the bottom line….profits! They can’t avert failure but with the support of a knowing salesperson, they can establish relevancy to consumers, which supports decision making. Buyers and salespeople have a symbiotic relationship, so where does packaging come in?

The demand for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) has grown and any salesperson worth their salt will know that it can reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and some even argue that it increases sales and profits. Yes, all of that is important, but is it really a deal breaker?

 What about the graphics?
How distinctive is the product when lined up on a shelf against its competitors or even as a line extension?

Packaging companies don’t just package, they consider the product, the target audience, the production line and materials, not to mention the graphic designs. The thought processes and reasoning behind the product has already been mapped out and salespeople need to maximise on that to become, not just a good salesperson, but an excellent one.

So, education and shared knowledge is crucial to buying power, consumer sales and profits….simple!

allpack® know that knowledge is power and with over twenty years of experience the solutions and services they have on offer builds on collaboration, which means that when you engage allpack’s® services, your salespeople will get the lowdown on everything packaging related!

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Original Source: Packworld.com: Packaging can Empower a Salesforce by Sterling Anthony, CPP, Contributing Editor (June, 1, 2016)