How effective is your warehouse insurance?

Have you complied with everything….your small print may say otherwise.

Insurance, we all have to have it, whether it be for your home or your business, but what happens when your insurance doesn’t pay out? Is that a risk you’d be prepared to take?

Insurance is vital for any business and crucial to the continuity of your business when something goes wrong. Your protection will only be effective if you’ve complied with all the small print of your policy.

Your company assets are valuable, so stay covered!
100% compliance versus no cover!

Stock in your warehouse is a valuable asset that requires protecting against a number of dangers including crime, accidents and rodents. The scope of insurance options available gives a clue as to the wide range of dangers that warehouses are susceptible to. Your buildings and contents, much like with home insurance, can be insured against fire, theft, flooding and other forms of damage. And whilst these types of policy help replace physical losses, business interruption insurance covers the amount of trade you could lose whilst you can't work at full capacity.

Why not reduce risk by looking at your warehouse in more detail and your insurance policy.
When a claim is put in the insurance company will be looking for ways to avoid paying out if you have not complied 100%.

Incorrect storage of timber or other combustible materials outside or inside your premises, could invalidate your insurance policy. An example of this could be a harmless stack of pallets in the wrong place or overloaded racking.
Thought provoking isn’t it?

We all know someone who thought they were covered by their insurance….but a harmless gas bottle was in the wrong place. So, give consideration to your warehouse. ….
Have you got more than you need in your warehouse?

Perhaps reducing your stock levels, could reduce your business risk in the eyes of an insurance assessor.
allpack® have a ‘Just in Time’ service, which means you can have stock on your premises, when you need it!

With online ordering and warehouse logistics running from 6am to 11pm our just in time service could make all the difference to your warehouse operation. We can stock you with shelf-ready packaging and bespoke manufactured stock, all held by allpack®, so you don’t need to take the risk!

Let allpack® change how you store your packaging stock,
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