Make Hay While the Sun Shines on August’s Mystery Offer!

Gain a new PET this month !!

Introducing a new PET is a leap of trust and takes commitment. Our mystery offer guarantees that you won’t regret housing our offer this month! We all love an old PET and we can be reluctant to move forward and embrace the unknown….so it would also come as no surprise that some materials being used in the packaging industry could be classed as vintage too.
Still loved and trusted by thousands of companies, but ...

There have never been more reasons why you should re-home a new PET this summer!

5 Reasons why this Month’s Offer Shouldn’t be Ignored…

Our twin deal will have you saving ‘Ciao’ to old style warehouse methods and equipment and ‘Bonjourno’ to plastic perfection that is:

Cost effective when weighed against traditional methods.
Recyclable compared to vintage alternatives.
Gives you twice as much, meaning more for your money.
Perfect for outdoor weather with high UV protection.
An elastic memory doesn’t have to mean loss of memory.
Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, so revel in this month’s mystery offer..its ‘fantastico’!

Introduce a new PET to your warehouse and become the topic of conversation with your competitors!

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