You have a brand design so why would you want to change it?

Revive your designs in 2017!

2017 has had a sluggish start. In the UK consumers have been dragging their feet, living in a post - Brexit haze of uncertainty. So could consumers be in need of a political break or do they expect brands to publicly pledge support? Changes in brand design can go one of two ways; like marmite, you'll either love it or hate!
In the US design trends have been making big news, but why? Find out what the top three design trends are that are taking America by storm. Read ...

Change for changes sake?
Find out what politics, current affairs and individuality has to do with your brand.
Sometimes it’s better to live with the devil you know than the devil you don’t, but that theory is fast changing in the design market. Big brands have recognised a need to connect with consumers in ways that are uplifting and original and will have you talking about their products long after your purchase.

On the face of it, it all sounds pretty simple, but knowing your consumers and the issues that affect them and standing by them, can become a landmine of problems. If you convey the wrong message at the wrong time, or choose the wrong cause to stand by, a media backlash can occur.

Allpack® believe in being prepared and guiding their customers in the latest trends. Using the examples used in the US, allpack® realised that the key to 2017 package design lay in:

Being in the Moment
Social by design.

Firstly, Unity. The political division witnessed in the US last year, has been very much evident in the UK. Big brands like Starbucks and Budweiser knew customers were tired of politics and decided to unify America through their brands. Some say that Starbucks ‘green cup’ was pitched at the wrong time as it drew mass media attention, others say it was a stroke of genius; designed to grab media attention and re-focus the American people on community. What do you think?

Secondly, Being in the Moment. We’re talking cultural trends; the Olympics, the Elections and Football season! Joking aside, being in touch with what your consumers are interested in is vital. Take the US Supreme Court’s Ruling on LGBT marriage equality. Doritos realised how important this was to the American people and decided to celebrate humanity without exception by using the rainbow colours of the pride flag on their packaging.

Lastly, Social by Design. Big brands are using this design trend because they want to engage with their customers and have a little fun. Coca-Cola is probably one of the best known campaigns. Their can designs have generated much excitement and discussion on social media. Creating cans with individual names or reindeer names. Generating media buzz and attention, consumers wanted to buy them because they suddenly felt connected to a product in a way that was unique to them.

So you see 2017 signifies a shift in design trends that will connect your product to communities, current affairs and direct to consumers. Allpack® have the means to generate excitement over your products. These design trends are not owned exclusively by big brand names, these trends, if used in the right way, could propel your product into a league all of it’s own.

You need to stay ahead of your competitors and own your brand in way you’ve never done before. Allpack’s® design teams can help you to conceptualise your brand in a totally new light.

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