Is paper really the boxing heavyweight we believe it to be?

How much does the environment play in your packaging decisions?

The big environmental debates have reached the packaging industry, so which is more harmful? Paper or plastic?

We all want to save the planet but are we always as well informed as we like to think we are? With growing pressure on us to ‘go green’, are the decisions we’re making based in fact or fiction?
I was all set to hail paper as the hero, swooping in to replace and save us from the evils of plastic. Decisions ...

Ok, let’s examine the evidence….
Is paper the villain of the peace?

Looking at the statistical data, it would appear that paper production is a worldwide cause of air pollution, producing up to 70% more pollution than the production of plastic. Up to 80% more greenhouse gasses are emitted along with the obvious deforestation that has the knock-on effect of reducing the planet’s carbon dioxide absorption. Less trees, less carbon dioxide absorbed, it’s a vicious circle.

Plus, during production of paper, it takes four times more energy and three time more water than it does to produce plastic. What few people realise is that paper recycling takes a tremendous amount of energy too, often consuming more fuel than it would take to make a new bag and pound for pound, paper recycling versus plastic recycling uses 91% more energy to recycle. However, due to the popularity and cost of paper, the inefficient production of paper has been overlooked in favour of cheap mass production.

So what should we do?

In examining plastic, we must be clear in saying that it too, has disadvantages. It didn’t get a bad name for nothing. Irresponsible littering has endangered wildlife and it photodegrades rather than biodegrades in landfill sites and delays household recycling by clogging up machinery. However, plastic is a reliable packaging material due to its flexible use and durable nature. Additives can be added to make it fire retardant, resistant to chemicals and safer for packaging foods. It has pioneered many packaging concepts and changed the way we think about branding, marketing and consuming. Plastic in all it’s glory, has championed our everyday lives.

So, what to do? Talk to a packaging expert!

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Source: Jane McGrath