When does a box cease to be ‘just a box’? Meet 3D Steve!

Open the door to innovative, bespoke designs and give your ‘box’ a new identity!

A cardboard box is just a cardboard box. Hundreds, if not thousands of different shapes, designs materials, colours and textures. But it’s still just a box. If you dream of giving your box a new identity this Autumn, then be sure to make it stand out from all the other boxes out there. Perhaps, give it a new design…..be bold, be bright, be innovative and most of all, make sure it’s ...

How can a company make it their own?
Enhance your customer’s unboxing experience with quality designs and materials.

Speaking from personal experience, the thrill you get when you open truly beautiful packaging to reveal your purchase, should raise the hairs on the back of your neck and set your pulse racing. If your customers aren’t experiencing that, then, truthfully, it’s time to rethink your packaging design.

What does your packaging say about you?

If you don’t know the answer…. it’s time for change….if you think, it’s ‘o.k.’....it’s still time to change.

The quality of the material, the way it looks, the way the product is contained inside. The colours, the font, the quality of the print, how much waste is left for the customer to throw away and whether the products is well protected and well presented, are all factors you should consider when reviewing new designs for bespoke packaging.

Your packaging designs shouldn’t be left to chance. You should talk to experts who can make your packaging unique and leave a lasting impression on the customer. At allpack® our team of experts can produce original designs that will showcase your product the way you want it, using top grade materials.

Meet Steve Cook, affectionately known as ‘3D Steve’, our Creative Design Executive. Well known for his creative and exciting designs for allpack® customers, it’s pretty clear to see that his work is as much about art as it is maths.

I asked Steve what he loves about his job:

“You can give someone that little bit more”, he said. “I forget what’s going on around me sometimes and really get in the zone. I’m a perfectionist and love to spend time on the littlest of details.”

I quizzed him further on the attention to detail:

“I find the little details are the details that really count. All those small differences that come together to really make a product unique, so your customer can instantly recognise your branding”.

Steve puts a bit of himself into everything he creates at allpack®. He injects art into practicality, organically blending sterile necessity with perfect measurements and an artist’s eye.

Allpack’s® investment in 3D design software and tools permits us to give our customers the very best in complex, interactive designs that they can view and approve before producing samples for them to road test. This enables us to efficiently produce a working prototype, reducing the risk of our customers ordering something they are not entirely happy with.

Making changes to your packaging design, can be a challenge, but not when you talk to experts who are as passionate about finding a design, as you are about your product and the customer experience. So, If you would like more information on our design capabilities or have any questions about future projects, book an appointment with an allpack® consultant.

We’re confident that our experienced team will surpass your expectations in every way!

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