Folded Cartons Re-shaping the Packaging Industry.

Technology spurring on market growth.

If you don’t use folded cartons as part of your packaging process, ask yourself why that might be? Folded cartons can be cut to any shape you desire, they are space saving in your warehouse; lying flat and your bespoke designs can be expertly printed on them. What’s not to love? However, folded cartons are a growing market not just because they offer practical packaging solutions but for a whole host of reasons. Technological advancements are supplementing growth in an ...

The survival of the Fittest
How folded cartons have evolved to ensure market growth

In 2016 Smithers Pira reported that the global carton market was worth a staggering $100 billion! They also projected that the folding carton market would see an annual increase of 4% upto 2022. Europe, the Middle East and Africa, collectively, account for 24% of this market. So what’s driving this growth? We explored four technologies that are impacting on the folded carton market.

New materials and innovations
With 40.3 million tonnes of materials going into folded cartons, the weight of public demand must be met.Thus, lightweight board grades and recycled content have been added to materials, but consumers and environmental groups continue to apply pressure to businesses. Eco-friendly packaging materials are expected. As a consequence, companies such as Ferrero and Edameme beans have created less traditional non-wood pulp materials to use with their products. Inedible waste products are recycled to create carton packaging. Pure genius!

Printing techniques
Shelf appeal is at an all time high. Printing techniques have advanced, creating more colours and finishes than ever before. New generation digital printing means quicker, efficient production and offers companies speedy turnaround times compared to analog processes. High print quality and exceptional graphics lend themselves to brand elevation and this has resulted in the creation of speciality inks and coatings. Consumers want to interact with their products, so we’ve seen an increase in ‘smelly’ coatings, colour shifting and rare designs trending.

Barrier Coatings
Currently worth $420 million and set to rise…..barrier coating materials are traditionally used for chilled and frozen foods. The shift away from polystyrene products to paper-based cartons has meant that packaging suppliers have had to meet the need to protect food products safely. Contamination of goods as far back as 2011 has driven the technological advancements we are seeing now. Curtain coating, water-based coatings, nanotechnology thinner barrier coatings; the industry has responded to a need and will continue to do so, as they try to create sustainable coatings that do not contaminate the recycling process of folded cartons used by the food industry.

Smithers Pira estimate that the need for security packaging and anti-counterfeiting will raise from it’s current market worth, $2.75 billion to $3.5 billion by 2022. This growth is reflected in the black market, of which product counterfeiting currently accounts for 40% of the total ($577 billion 2015). One key area of concern lies in the pharmaceutical market. Products are being dangerously reproduced, sold on and purchased by unsuspecting consumers. Near perfect packaging and printing makes it hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. Harmful ingredients and incorrectly labelled goods are putting customers at risk. In 2018 that should all change. It won’t affect the folded carton market, however, the EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011 / 62 / EU will mean that unique identifiers will need to be printed on packaging making it harder for counterfeiters.

It’s clear to see that the folded carton industry has started to respond to consumer demands, directives and technological advancements, ensured its place in the future of packaging.
Practical solutions have become inextricably melded to outside influences, thus, making folded cartons a growth market that will reshape and reinvent itself time after time.

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Source: Four technology advances reshaping the folding cartons market. 24 September 2017 Anne Michan (senior editor, Packaging World).