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Spot the difference between you and him!
Changing your outcomes with the SME2017 Show!

✔You wake up refreshed and full of anticipation
✖ The alarm goes off, it’s just another humdrum day!

✔Parked up in your car, you check your social media for posts.
✖ Stuck in traffic, the news is depressing and adds to his bad mood.

✔ On your arrival you will be warmly welcomed; already you’re getting a good vibe.
✖ He arrives at work, the doorman greets you. It’s rumoured that he was last seen smiling in 1989!

✔As you gaze around the exhibition hall, you think: “Today will be great fun”.
✖ He looks surveys the office from his desk: “Let me survive this day”.

✔ You’ve already been chatting to attendees on social media, so when you’re accosted, you already know who they are: “Sorry, aren’t you James Burbridge?”
✖ He’s on social media because he’s surfing for quotes to impress his 22 followers.

✔ The large auditorium has just opened and you don’t waste time in getting a front row seat.
✖ He’s sitting in an exhaustive meeting, wishing he was elsewhere.

✔ There are companies galore, so you check out a great catalogue you’ve just been handed.
✖ He checks out the latest tabloid drama, whilst on the toilet….it’s still only 9.45!

✔Wow, the first key note speaker starts….but guess who just introduced him?
✖ It’s his first client meeting of the day. As he doesn’t have a well constructed brand, his customer pushes the prices down.

✔ You are having fun, networking, learning and making plenty of notes. This is great…”With all this information I’m getting closer to my goals”.
✖ He’s spending time drafting a new contract because the contract he downloaded from the internet, needs amendments requested by the client. He really hopes to win this contract.

✔ You’re having a well earned coffee break and on the seat next to you is a well known expert. You strike up a conversation and before you know it you’ve made a potential business contact.
✖ He’s outside having a cigarette break, with office the politician, who moans about the state of the economy.

✔ You’ve already scheduled meetings with the five most important exhibitors here. You’re feeling positive about the outcomes, as the prices are so competitive. Now is the time to take your business aspirations forward….
✖ He’s on his way to a downtown web developers office, offering discounted prices. He needs a new campaign landing page to draw business. What he’s offered is cheap templates that’ll be fine.

✔ You are taking a lunch break, sharing a table with six others. Everyone shares experiences and offers tips on how to progress your business.
✖He doesn’t eat lunch today. He ate the doughnuts and drank the coke at his last meeting.

✔You’re starting to feel the social media buzz...people are liking the selfies you’ve taken with influential industry key note speakers.
✖ He reacts to your social media posts with an ‘angry’ face, because no one has liked his posts.

✔ This show has given you the opportunity to speak with an exhibitor and order something you’ve long wanted.
✖ He’s checked his emails… one has responded to his proposal request. He moans to his colleagues about how difficult it is to meet with good contractors. He refuses to pay to meet them!

✔ It’s 3pm and you’re talking to a CEO of a national radio station. You’re shocked by how many great offers are available for SME’s. What’s even better, is you come away with a few ideas on how to design a radio advertisement.
✖ He’s driving to the next meeting, listening to the same radio station and pondering about his company’s current situation. He thinks he’ll never have the chance to run an ad campaign.

✔ It’s the last key note speaker of the day. You’ve been buzzing all day. It’s been an experience….you’ve networked with like minded individuals, been enthralled by the speakers and learnt just how many opportunities there are for your company. Already you’re drafting new projects and thinking about the ones to shelve.
✖ He’s just arrived for a meeting with a potential client. He’s ashamed of his car, his brochure and his sub-standard website. The customer wants to know what he has that’s new…, nothing.

✔ It’s the end of the day and as you walk out chatting to a new friend, you admit that there was a time when you weren’t sure about coming to a show like this. Your friend confesses that this is the place he gets his forward thinking, knowledge and connections from. He’s been attending for years and as a result he’s been inspired to reach for success!
✖ Finally, he’s going home….another day survived!

✔You took the plunge and registered for a free ticket to the SME2017 Show.
✖ He thought he didn’t need to.

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