Black Friday is upon us!! Discover how you can survive Black Friday with our Top Tips!

Black Friday…...November 24th 2017!!
One of the biggest days in a retailer’s year, but have you got all angles covered? With £1.23 billion transactions taken in a single day in 2016, it’s safe to say that 2017 will be a record breaking year for in-store and online sales. Demand will be high and customer expectations even higher….you really can’t afford to put a foot ...

How prepared are you for the Big Day?
The Best Layed Plans….

Whether you are a small or large retailer scaling up to meet demand, Black Friday can pose problems. Disaster can be averted if you forward plan. You can give your customers a positive experience if you have trouble free purchasing, can despatch goods with speed and efficiency, whilst also boosting your company’s sales.

It might seem obvious to many but each year we see televised accounts of Black Friday disasters that could have been avoided by taking a few simple steps.
In a perfect world we’d love to see seamless Black Friday Sales, but that doesn’t always happen.

Picture this….your customer is online, browsing your sale items, then…...the screen freezes or even worse, they’re at the checkout and the payment won’t process. The system crashes, stock is left allocated in abandoned checkout baskets and your customer is left wondering if their card details have been taken or if they will receive their item(s) at all.

As frustrating as this might be for you, ten to a penny, your customer will most likely look for offers else where.

However, that scenario could be sidestepped if your IT systems are stress tested ahead of Black Friday. Get it right by sharing promotions with your IT and payment providers to avoid system crashes caused by high volume traffic. Don’t wait to fail, get a backup plan!

How many of your customers will be ordering by mobile this year? Will your systems be compatible with mobile ordering?
Don’t delay, speak to your IT department and upgrade your systems now.

Your staff are one of your biggest commodities, but, how well trained are they? Have you brought in extra staff to cope with the increase in sales? Are they trained in fraud prevention and how to redeem vouchers? If the answers to all of these questions is, yes, then...brilliant. If you think staff knowledge may let you down, then, it probably will. Poorly trained staff will slow down the purchasing process in-store and inevitably cost you money.

Create a training checklist ahead of the big day, so you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Customers demand greater flexibility for deliveries, therefore, you should give this some consideration, particularly if your customers plan on clicking and collecting from store? Have you got the extra staff rostered to deal with collections / returns / assisting customers out to vehicles with large parcels? The positivity of the sale should extend to the after sales too.

Check historical data for peak times and roster well-informed staff to assist your customers.
Just supposing you get the online and in-store sales planned to perfection and everything goes smoothly. How has the planning gone in warehouse and distribution? Do you have all the provisions you need to despatch your Black Friday purchases? That includes, adequate packaging, delivery schedules and staffing levels, to name a few. Are your delivery drivers trained in detecting fraudulent deliveries? Are your packing staff trained in the correct materials to use?

There’s so much to consider and so much that can go wrong at peak times, but at allpack® we can support you with streamlining your warehouse and distribution centres by offering expert advice and guidance.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that can offer: high quality packaging consumables, process intelligence, stock control systems and bespoke designs to boost your brand power.

As a retailer, Black Friday presents so many opportunities to offer a positive customer experience.
So make sure your packaging does not let you down this season.

Be prepared by shopping for all your packing items with allpack®. Available to you are shelf ready packaging consumables, bespoke designs and sizes, all with a speedy turnaround.

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