Destroying Packaging Boundaries: Ethics Meets Design.

How slick designs can become sensory experiences. It’s a common misconception that packaging only protects a product. But if packaging were to represent not just a brand but the contents,and the ethics of a company, then, that would be a truly sensational feat. One product has pushed beyond all the preconceived boundaries imposed by the packaging industry to produce a product so unique in it’s design and aesthetics, that it stands out on the shelf. Read On>>

Visions into Reality
Listen and Implement
A leading beauty product manufacturer in the US has introduced to the retail market a hand soap which has a wonderful, unique design. Being an ‘Earth Friendly Product’ they wanted a design that characterised their ethics. The soap itself had no pollutants, so they wanted a bottle with clarity, like their product. They chose to create a 3D dodecahedron clear bottle that would reflect light into the bottle and onto the labelling. The multiple flat sides of the packaging meant it could lean, tilt and tip. Size-wise it fitted into the hand, like an apple reinforcing the derived goodness reflected in the label design with botanical images.

This design is successful for several reasons:

1)The design reflects the ethics of the company.

2) Collaboration has taken place.

3) Trial and error.

4) Customer desirability.

At allpack® packaging we aspire to create unique packaging designs and like the hand soap designs, we believe in a collaborative process between a company and the vision for a product. Our manufacturing capabilities and graphic design teams means we are able to marry design and production to create something stylish, which has a level of functionality beyond that of most single use packaging products. We are even able to run trial production of packaging, until the customer is satisfied with the end product.

We can design plastics, labels and outer packaging all to your unique specifications and with our manufacturing capabilities we can help bring your visions to life. Bespoke designs if done correctly, can really elevate your product making them desired ‘must haves’ for customers.
allpack® already have a hard core customer base of SME’s and Blue Chip Companies that have taken advantage of our bespoke solutions. We don’t seek to make decisions for you, we listen to your ideas and implement them to generate your packaging dreams into desirable products.

So, if you have a vision for your product or maybe you’re looking for a fresh new look and you need a company with over twenty years experience, with manufacturing capabilities and design teams, then, give allpack® a call to arrange a consultation.

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