Hot New Global Trends from At Packaged!

Packaging just got digital!

Packaging is taking a less passive role and a more active role with consumers than ever’s official!
At Packaged, the global summit for the packaging industry, speakers spread a light on some of the companies that are connecting with their customers on an emotional level and others that are utilising the digital age to gather real time data.
Find out what just got ‘hot’ in the packaging world.

Reconnecting with Consumers
GAFA and connectivity with brands

GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) have often been seen to dominate the digital age, but packaging innovators are starting to take advantage of the big four and how they can create an emotional and functional connection.
We live in a digital age and consumer expectations are so much higher. Consumer reviews can make or break a product, word spreads not just locally, but internationally. The new network economy demands action from customers and packaging companies are now innovating in a way that has never been seen before.

What if I told you that fast food companies can do supper time stories, as well as feeding the family?
KFC launched Suppertime Stories in South Africa because they wanted to reconnect with families. They launched three laser cut cardboard sleeves for their iconic chicken bucket, with three stories. From a mobile app consumers could select which story they wanted to listen to and with sounds, light and vibrations the story buckets came to life!

UK based Novalia have created printed circuits using conductive inks, that when touched can create a sound or send information to the internet.
Pizza Hut, used their Taste Freedom Pizza Box in conjunction with DJ apps so consumers could mix their own music. Coca Cola have created a Christmas Gift Bottle from a label that can be turned into a bow; the concept being sharing at Christmas time and creating something that had unique value to the consumer. Interestingly enough, sales surged by 6.1%!

Bags and boxes are not only serving as protection for products, but as a canvas for personal communication and interactive experiences.
Packaging is becoming an enabler of a smarter life. Water.IO is the only company to place an active electronic in the cap of it’s water bottles. Smartcap sensors can monitor how much you drink and remind you when to drink through its connection with a smartphone app. Second and third versions are even more advanced, with Water Health capable of adding supplements and flavours to water.

What was once seen as almost science fiction has fast become a reality under growing pressure from consumers to innovate.

Our digital era, is becoming a ‘smarter life’ and packaging companies have not just thrown down the gauntlet, but are determined to maximise interactions in any way they can.
The more fantastical, the better!

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