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Can ethics win over luxury?

If you’re honest, does the packaging you use really reflect your societal commitment to the environment?
Luxury items are usually glossy, glitzy and visually appealing; they provide customers with a sensual assault on the senses, so can luxury really combine with ethical packaging and still have sensuality? One cosmetics company has proven their ethical packaging is ‘all that’ and yet so much more.>>

Look towards a ‘Plastic-free’ future.

Share your vision with consumers.
As a consumer you don’t have to join marches, sign petitions or wear ponchos to prove a commitment to the environment. If enough businesses offered ethical choices more consumers would vote with their purchases. The success of companies like Body Shop and health food store, Holland and Barratt prove that there is an alternative market to be accessed. As shoppers become even more immersed in the ‘plastics’ debate and the condition of our oceans, it’s safe to say that now is the time to make a change to eco-friendly packaging.

Bo.Ho Cosmetics identified a need in the makeup market back in 2016, successfully updating their green makeup range to include eye makeup compacts and nail polishes made from recycled paper, plastic and ash-tree wood. The look was both fresh and organic without compromising on quality. This light coloured wood was embossed with the Bo.Ho logo and could be easily customised, giving it greater longevity in a demanding market. Even in 2018, these ethical designs and packaging still has shelf appeal. They produced makeup with a conscience and customers flocked to buy it.

With the government encouraging businesses to act, there has never been a better time to harness consumer awareness and make a change. Bo.Ho’s example clearly shows that luxury and sustainability can sit side by side. New materials and production methods are being developed all the time but in the case of Bo.Ho’s packaging it’s aesthetics played a significant part; looking and feeling good.

If you’re considering making the switch to more sustainable packaging and reducing your carbon footprint, then talking to a packaging expert should be your first move. Allpack® have a range of solutions that can be tailored to your business, plus with ISO 14001 in environmental standards you can be assured that we share the same commitments to change. Our graphic design team share your vision and will work to produce designs that stand out from mainstream products. Working with us will guarantee sustainability, eye-catching designs and fresh new looks.

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