Can adopting ‘One Brand’ really unify a trademark?

Signature designs set to reach a worldwide market.

Iconic soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, decided to break with a 130 year tradition in 2016 and extend their visual identity. They recognised that packaging was their best asset; graphic designs could unify a brand by using a common language to reach consumers. Discover why and how they did it.>>

How can you coordinate a shared taste and experience with packaging?
Is your Branding confused?
Over the generations the Coca Cola brand has been synonymous with the colour red. In every supermarket and retail outlet, across the globe, consumers can identify the coca-cola brand. Marketing campaigns, shapes of bottles, graphics on labels and cans have, however, been varied according to the country. In 2016, after 18 months of packaging pilots, Coca-Cola finally took the step to create one visual identity for all coca-cola products. The purpose of this was to unify the trademark along side the new slogan ‘Taste the Feeling’.

Most retailers can only dream of dominating the market place on a global scale, but what Coca-Cola executed well during the one-brand change, was identifying a core graphic that reached across generations. In 130 years the red disc had been used, once as a hand-painted symbol in the 1930’s and again in 1947 as signage for ‘Coca-Cola is sold here’. The colour red and the creative use of lettering spanned years and was well known to consumers.

In modern times Coca-Cola used solid colours: red, green, silver and black, now they would utilise the red disc set against a different coloured background. The packaging would not just sell a brand, but would offer choices to consumers. The background colour and lid were to be linked to the lifestyle and diet of the consumer, along with a small description. For example green would be used to signify a healthier choice. ‘Taste the feeling’ would be a slogan launched in 195 countries, supported by 12 TV commercials, 100 campaign images and music. A shared taste and visual experience would be coordinated worldwide.

Although your company may not be a multinational business, you may wish to take away the principles at play during the changes made to Coca-Cola’s branding. Strong marketing, graphics and packaging design will help to solidify your position in the marketplace and make your product recognisable and therefore, desirable.
Consumers don’t want to see confused branding, so, communicating a clear, unified brand will mean that where ever consumers are, they can identify your product on the shelf.

So, consider this….how confused is your branding? Do all your products share an image or design unique to your product? Talking to a packaging expert can help you to focus on re-branding, design, materials and the customer experience you want. It took 18 months for Coca-Cola to agree on a new one-brand design. At allpack® our creative team will discuss at length with you what you want for your brand and then design packaging and graphics around it. At every step of the way, we will consult with you and perfect every detail. So, whether you are looking for a fresh new graphic and packaging, or simply looking to refresh a tired brand, talk to the experts who can achieve that for you.

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