Do you really know what it takes to optimise and improve your customer experience?

eCommerce Packaging and modern expectations.

On a scale of one to ten, how often do you review your packaging? Do you really understand modern attitudes and expectations? 21st Century customers aren’t shopping in the high streets. We live in a one-click shopping culture and competition for customers is high. If you want a piece of the online market check out allpack’s® latest white paper on eCommerce Packaging and have shoppers returning time and time again.>>

Let’s face facts in a fast paced shopping industry.
Will you swim with the sharks or become a small fish in a large pond?

eCommerce or online retailers are in growing demand, as a 16% growth rate reflects. Two billion parcels were expected to be sent last year and traditional methods of packaging are fast moving into the history books. One solution does most definitely not fit all. Customers hold all the cards and retailers are being forced to embrace the importance of packaging in the home delivery sector.

Whether you’ve already dipped your toes or full submerged your business into the online market, you will have no doubt as to the difficulties facing new and existing eCommerce businesses. It’s a fast paced market and every week and month, retailers are making decisions that will affect their business and the customer experience.

In our latest White Paper, allpack® explores the demands of the marketplace, customer expectations, branding, returns and the role of packaging process. We explores the issues being faced and offer recommendations to support businesses during this exciting, but challenging change in shopping habits.

So, are you a seasoned veteran and think you have the eCommerce Market nailed? Or, do you think you’re never too experienced to learn? Either way, our review will give you food for thought. Read it during your lunch or coffee break, it’s free to download a copy.