How far along your sustainability journey are you?

Is plastic still on the packaging menu?

Our use of plastic has come under close scrutiny in recent months and consumers are looking towards manufacturers, retailers and online businesses to lead the way towards a plastic-free environment. One American multinational company has been reviewing their use of plastic in packaging for eight years. They were ranked No.3 in the Newsweek Green Ratings in 2017 and their journey towards sustainability has further to go.>>

How equipped are you to kick the plastic habit?

Meet the World’s Most Ethical Company.

Our reliance on plastic in packaging is concerning, even more so, as restrictions and regulations are forcing businesses to act responsibly. Some companies are only just starting to react to the changes required, while others have been pioneers of change for some time. Meet Hasbro, an American multinational toy and boardgame manufacturer, best known for brands: Nerf, My Little Pony and Play-doh.

Since 2010 Hasbro have been implementing changes in support of sustainability. They have removed wire ties from their packaging, replaced polyvinyl chloride with PET (2013), achieved 90% recycled or sourced paper for packaging (2015) and in 2016 they moved from PET to rPET, a recycled PET.

What more could they do? Well, they have recently announced that as of 2019 they will be using a plant-based PET or bio-PET for blister packs and plastic windows in their products.
What’s bio-PET? It’s made from 30% plant-based materials, i.e. agricultural byproducts. How can it support sustainability? Using bio-PET enables Hasbro to use packaging that does not rely on non-renewable sources, such as fossil fuels used in the production of plastic.

While Hasbro continues to build on their sustainability, what steps will your company be making? Whether you make small or large steps for mankind, the plastic debate is not destined to retire from discussion. Talking to a packaging expert could start you on a sustainable journey….

With over twenty years of expertise, allpack® have seen packaging trends come and go and have met the demand, now as we enter a more challenging time, allpack® is set to support those businesses wishing to go plastic-free. We can improve your carbon footprint without damaging your brand’s reputation.

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Hasbro to use bio-PET in packaging. Anne Marie Mohan, Senior Editor, Packaging World.