Plastic is not fantastic for the environment.

‘Waste not, want not’ and modern attitudes to plastic.

Studies show that plastic production has increased due to it’s cheap production and its overall versatility. So, how many of us truly strive to achieve a ‘waste not, want not’ attitude to packaging and products that we use on a daily basis? At allpack® our long tenure in the packaging business has seen many changes, but we would like to see more companies investing in a plastic free future and we’re the company with the expertise...

Challenge Sustainability.
Enjoy the benefits of taking an eco-friendly journey.
How easy is it to access sustainable packaging? Well, the most recent studies show that the overall value of the global green packaging market stood at £101 billion in 2014 and is expected to rise to a staggering £155 billion by the end of 2021! However, at allpack® we know the concept of sustainable packaging will continue to grow in importance over the next decade and beyond, thus, eco-friendly packaging has become the number one challenge facing many packaging companies in the UK and Europe.

Finding the right packaging for your product is crucial, so when weighing up your commitment to packaging that is eco-friendly, you must also make sound business decisions too. Up to now there has been a distinct lack of awareness amongst consumers, but that trend is set to change, with new government initiatives aimed at keeping the environment clean and pollution-free.

Opting for eco-friendly packaging provides you with several benefits: eco-friendly packaging is easy to dispose of, there are no harmful plastics and overall it is significantly better for the environment. Plus, another huge advantage of eco-friendly packaging is the way that it will boost your brand image. Discerning clients on learning that you use environmentally friendly resources, will realise you have a commitment to the environment, which in turn will lead to greater sales and profitability.

Regionally, the biggest growth comes from the Asian market, driven by demand for sustainable packaging in countries like China and India. Boosted by a growing middle-class population that is increasingly becoming affluent and conscious of health and environmental issues, the demand for sustainable practices is driving the market for greener packaging.

So, how do you know which type of packaging is the right choice for you? What you need to know is that the green packaging market is split into three segments: recycled-content packaging, reusable packaging and degradable packaging. However, slightly different in terms of application where the market is segmented into food and beverages, personal care products, healthcare packaging, and others. However, out of all of these food and beverage packaging dominated the market in 2014, accounting for a share of 59.7%.

So, if you want a share of a growing, sustainable, eco-friendly to the experts. With our expertise, we can support you in ‘going green’ and reaching out to consumers who understand the need to reduce plastic production, whilst enhancing your product’s shelf appeal and saving you money in other areas of the business.

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