How well do you think your company’s attitudes reflect those of your customers?

I say ‘potato’, you say ‘patato’.

It’s our differences in perspective that make us all unique, but what if your professional viewpoint was way off point compared to that of your consumers? A 2016 study in the US explored the differences in attitudes between packaging industry professionals and their consumers. The results were both surprising and illuminating. >> 

Never underestimate the power of Intel!

Don’t stagnate in an ever changing industry.

Let’s face it when it comes to making decisions about packaging, how much do you really listen to your customers? Corporate wheels turn and suggestions can often be implemented with little or no consumer research. In 2016 Packaging Matters™ conducted a survey of consumers and packaging professionals and discovered that out of the 200 professionals they interviewed, 66% thought their brand was meeting consumer needs. What they didn’t know was that only 14% of the 2,000 consumers interviewed actually agreed. The findings revealed a huge disparity between belief and reality.

So, what could you do as a packaging professional to close the gap between what you think consumers want and they actually desire? Well, understanding that 35% of consumers will switch products because of new packaging or a unique design, is part of the battle. That untapped share of the marketplace could be exploited but that would require valuable information gathering.

Never underestimate the power of intel! Over a two year period in 2016, it was reported that the relationship between the importance of packaging and brand had gathered momentum, increasing from 18% - 26%. Consumers in 2016 had a preference for functionality (60%) over aesthetics (35%). How a product looked was not as important as how well packaging performed and talking of performance, take away meal packaging lagged behind beverage packaging, with below 50% satisfaction versus 70%.

It’s true to say that figures from 2016 may not be indicative of 2018 trends. Consumer satisfaction can swiftly morph…..which is my point. In order for professionals to meet consumer demands, it is so important to keep abreast of trends, consumer expectations and changes in the packaging marketplace that can influence those shifts. Remaining stagnant is not an option.
At allpack® we have weathered all the changes that the packaging industry has thrown at us. We have evolved from neanderthal man to walk upright amongst the packaging industry giants. We owe our success to listening and collaborating with our customers. We can support your product through change, elevating your brand and meeting the demands of modern consumers. Talk to one of our packaging experts to see how we could redesign your packaging, change to eco-friendly materials, or even re-evaluate your transit protection. We stay on trend, to support our customers and your customers too.

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