Chips or Crisps, they’re all the same...right?

Do millennials want more serious ‘chips’?

When you purchase a bag of tortilla chips, probably the last thing on your mind is the design on the packet; you’re looking for unique flavour explosions. So, what informs your decision to buy one pack of tortilla chips over the other? Do we look at the ingredients, how many calories, the weight, or are our choices being manipulated through packaging design?
Take a look at how one company, in the US, created eye...

Perception is in the eye of the shopper.
Depicting quality through packaging designs.
Like generations before, millennials are driving change, not in a women’s rights, suffragette way, but in terms of expectations on a marketing front. They know what they want and they know that companies will go that extra mile to supply it. From the crisps that you pop and can’t stop, to boring, low calorie baked puffs of corn, the crisp or chip market has more or less been harnessed, that is until a US chip company realised there was a gap in the market for real ingredients and adventurous packaging.

US Buck Wild chips are aimed at millennials with their bold flavours and sassy packaging. Their complex favours, spicey combinations and high quality ingredients are suggestive of quality, plus with unique names like ‘chocolate banana and caramel bourbon’ there’s extra pull created by added interest and curiosity. Even the packaging supports the ingredients, with a matt black finish, silver lettering and accompanying catchphrase: ‘snacking the path less ordinary’.

These chips are designed for the shelf….they want to excite the shopper and draw them in, using the packaging designs and unique flavour names. So, ask yourself does your product have the shelf appeal that makes it stand out from your competitors? What appeals to one shopper may not appeal to another. The perception of quality, use of colours and wording will impact on consumers in different ways. So, you need to decide whether you want broad appeal, or a narrow but loyal select audience?

At allpack® we take your shopper demographic very seriously and using that knowledge we are able to create bespoke designs that will make your product stand out on the shelf, in a catalogue or online. We have in depth knowledge of packaging materials and understand how to pack any product for any industry. Our design team can even create prototypes for your company to ‘road test’, before finally committing to a design.

If you’re interesting in boosting your brand or shelf appeal, our design team are waiting to hear from you. Book a no-obligation consultation today and start creating a bold and bright future for your products.

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Source: ‘Bag graphics bring bold snacks to life.’: Anne Marie Mohan, Senior Editor, Packaging World: 10 July 2016.