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Follow Our Six Point Plan to Success!

When sourcing new suppliers of any packaging product, knowing exactly what you are looking for and who you are dealing with, can go a long way to forging a long standing working relationship. Preparation and research will take you so far along the path to success but only if you’re asking the correct questions. Our six point plan on how to secure more than just a good price should set you on the right path.>> 

How roadworthy is your new supplier?

Put your new supplier through our six point MOT.
It’s easy to get carried away with the best price, or the most advanced piece of machinery or even make your choices based on a glossy web page, but nothing can compare to real information. You wouldn’t sit a driving test without first checking the car was roadworthy, so why would you choose a supplier without carry out some background checks.

Ok, so when you’re in the market for a new supplier, what’s the first thing you do? I’d make a list of local suppliers, but what if the suppliers don’t specialise in the area you need? Someone who supplies to the frozen food industry may not understand the field you work in, or the type of application you need supplied to. You can overcome this in one simple step...references. Don’t be afraid of talking to previous customers and if the company won’t supply references...walk away.

So now, you have your list of suppliers that you are thinking of doing business with. Be sure to supply them with a consistent list of your requirements and provide as much detail as possible. What you may feel is insignificant detail, could make all the difference to any quote they submit. Be transparent and expect transparency in return….check for those all important extras that could result in ramped up prices after you are committed.

Supposing you have a big project that needs to be set up from start to finish and you need a supplier onboard to see things through to completion. Maybe it’s the implementation of an automated packaging line and what you’re looking for is supply and installation. The whole process could go smoothly, but what happens when it all goes ‘belly up’? A conscientious supplier will work with customers to settle issues and maintain the reputations of both parties. If you’re choosing a supplier without recommendations, it might be best to seek those all important references on difficult installs, so you can discover what went right, what went wrong and what was done to resolve any issues.

If you’re looking for transit packaging, machinery or equipment, follow some basic principles: look for quality, accreditations and hardy goods. Don’t restrict your company to items that can only be used with certain vendors; if they go out of business, you may discover your equipment is rendered useless. Do your homework and find work out what your choices are.

One vendor will not suit all, so when choosing machinery or equipment that can be linked to other aspects of your automated process, make decisions based on what you know or have seen in action. For many companies machinery that can be integrated with existing products or added to afterwards, will be important. Knowledge is key, so be sure the supplier understands not just your requirements now, but also what could be in the pipeline further along the line.

At allpack® we offer a comprehensive range of services embedded in over twenty years of packaging know-how. We understand how to pack any product, for any application and we won’t shy away from sharing our customer’s experiences with you. Now you have you six point action plan, book your no-obligation consultation with one of our packaging experts and we will endeavour to, not just meet your needs, but exceed them.

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