Why should you consider revitalising your brand?

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Sometimes even well known brands, sporting years of consumer support, can get stuck in a rut. We can apply an attitude of ‘If it’s not broken, why fix it?’ However, times change and consumer expectations evolve. What was once a winning formula, can soon become aged and tired. A new wave of consumers have arrived and companies need to keep up, or they will fall by the ...

Rebranding doesn’t mean failure.
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For many our daily or weekly washes are a ritual of sorting clothes, purchasing detergent and fabric softener and pegging out on a beautiful day. Since 1969 ‘Gain’ washing detergent has become a household name in the US. Tried and tested by millions this brand has been a best seller for Procter & Gamble. In 2015 there was a noticeable shift in the marketplace, that meant the strong performance element of the product had been overtaken by how it smelt. The masculine logo no longer reflected the fresh scent profiles and was put under review.

The Chase Design Group were asked to rekindle the ‘Gain’ brand name. They were to focus on the extravagant fragrances: fresh scent, lavender, ocean breeze, island escape, apple mango tango because the packaging did not reflect the scent explosion. Chase Design, changed the lettering by drawing on a fun element, added a sunburst logo and added images that linked to the fragrances. Label backgrounds also became colourful and eye catching. The new designs were aimed to reposition the ‘Gain’ brand back in the marketplace that was now dictated by scent, rather than cleaning performance.

Revitalising a brand doesn’t always signify failure in the marketplace. It can happen because a company wants to seize an opportunity to defeat future competition. It can also represent a chance to boost sales and highlight the uniqueness of a product. By adding perceived value consumers can be persuaded to pay more or change from their chosen brand to yours. A successful rebranding should be effective in changing customer impressions and deliver on what consumers expect from the packaging design.

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