Don’t lose your head...Brexit doesn’t have to become chaos.

As a supplier to major blue-chip companies and household names, such as Dunelm, Travis Perkins and Wickes, allpack® are only too aware that it’s national and international client base needs to be taken care of throughout Brexit and beyond. Jim Clarke, Founder and Chairman of allpack®, believes that with 5,000 product lines available for next day delivery nationwide, it is vital to safeguard and maintain service levels.

“Many of the packages delivered to doors up and down the country everyday, as well as overseas, start life in our warehouses.”

So, to ensure continued warehouse capacity, allpack® have taken steps to procure additional warehouse space to store products imported from its European and Far Eastern suppliers and increase stock levels in the run up to Brexit on 29 March.

At allpack® we always put the customer at the centre of everything we do, which is why in our planning process we have looked at pre-Brexit incentives that will enable our customers to benefit from discounts. Plus our representatives have been working with many of our customers to discuss forecasts and have been proactive in putting forward practical solutions, so our customers can rest assured that we are taking every conceivable measure to protect our supply and services during the Brexit period.

Our commitment to our customers does not end there. We have been working tirelessly to ensure our suppliers have agreements in place with smaller UK ports in the event of issues at larger ports and to reduce the risk of goods being delayed in containers at customs, we have applied for an Authorised Economic Operator Licence (AEO). In addition we have requested Brexit plans from organisations, such as major suppliers and transportation services, to ensure there will be no significant disruption affecting our ability to supply to our customers.

Whether we march into March with or without a Brexit deal, allpack® have planned ahead to minimise supply chain breakdowns, by sourcing goods from countries with lower tariffs, should there be any changes to import charges. Plus, we have been monitoring foreign exchange rates and using more than one provider, so that we don’t have to offset the fluctuations in product costs to our customers. And let’s not forget that allpack® have manufacturing capabilities, permitting them to produce film, tape and strapping too!

Last, but by no means least….our staff...our greatest resource, without whom allpack® would not be the resounding success it has been. A diverse and skilled workforce that stand at fifty, many of whom are non - UK nationals and with whom we will be working to ensure they meet all of the legislative requirements, so that they may remain with allpack® for the foreseeable future.

We believe we have planned for good and bad outcomes during the Brexit process and we are inviting our customers to take a look at our Brexit Plan, which is free to download. We would like to wish you all the best of luck during these challenging times, but hope you feel reassured that we have an excellent plan in place. All you have to do is click here and register your details.