Boost Sales through Creativity.

Making packaging as unique as your DNA.

New products hit the shelves, some with success and others sink into oblivion. So, why is that? Well, for some companies it could be the shortage of a decent marketing campaign, for others it might be that the market is already flooded with similar products or it could just be for the lack of bespoke, creative packaging designs.

Take for example UK based Snact. This company sells fruit jerk, promotes healthy eating and also uses surplus or spoiled supermarket fruit, but in the early days struggled with plastic wrapping. Their commitment to the environment wasn’t something they were prepared to compromise on, so they approached Tipa to produce biodegradable wrappers. The result was a high quality multi-layered plant-based polymer that could break down, without risk to the environment, within six months. It was more costly to produce, but as far as their consumers were concerned it was a legitimate cost. Snact was unique from other fruit snacks because both product and packaging were principled.

Consumers are now so well versed in issues of the environment that large companies have recognised a need for a  commitment to the environment in consumer-facing brands. One such company is Adidas Parley. Since 2015 Adidas have partnered with Parley in an effort to upcycle marine plastics into high performance sportswear. The Parley range has one hundred products at present, but has pledged to use recycled marine plastics in everything it sells by 2024. For Adidas Parley sustainability has reached product level, so, if you purchase a pair of Parley shoes, you stop eleven plastic bottles from entering the ocean and now that plastics bags have been replaced with paper bags in store, a staggering seventy million plastic bags have not entered the environment too.

Creative packaging is not restricted to food and sport, in fact it can be seen across the broad spectrum of products that are widely available today. In 2017 skincare brand The Ordinary hit the shelves; it was a low-cost, high performance, no frills product that would be sold close to cost price. Initially you could be fooled into believing that these products bore a simplicity that was absent from other products, but on closer inspection it became clear that the simple design and active ingredients were a carefully crafted visual signature that set it apart from other products on the shelf. From the ingredients listed on the product, consumers were able to self-educate and decide which combinations benefitted their skin type. As The Ordinary states on their website: “The brand was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form”.

In each of the examples explored, the creative approaches used with each product and its packaging were not the same. To be creative, you do not have to be the same, your product and how you choose to represent it should be as unique as your own DNA. You need stand out packaging that speaks volumes about your company, ethics, audience and future and at allpack® we can help you to achieve original, bespoke packaging, that will inspire your consumers and drive sales up. We have superior expertise, knowledge and experience spanning over twenty five years with intelligent consultancy services that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. So, don’t wait for your product to be sidestepped, book a FREE no-obligation consultation today.

Source: Five brands boosting creative packaging design:  20 July 2018: Sharon Thirluchelvam.