When was the last time you evaluated your packaging? Increase your market share when you innovate.

Ask yourself honestly, what does your packaging say about your product? How is it performing against similar products? What is your current market share? If you think that your packaging could be improved or that your market share is smaller than your product deserves, then you may be on the lookout for innovative packaging. Customers desire packaging that is both eye-catching, fun and most of all convenient. So, if you could bottle all of that.....

Game-changing packaging.

How to please your consumers….

Don’t underestimate the power of your packaging on buyers...a change in your perspective could help to make your product stand out on the shelf. A fine example of this is the STANDCAP inverted pouch. This unique and convenient innovation is giving it’s buyers an aggressive advantage over their rivals. Glenroy’s exclusivity on these premade pouches is reforming products categories like: food, beauty and home.

Standcap is a gamechanger on supermarket shelves, but why? Consumers want easy to dispense products and with the Standcap, 99% of the product is dispatched, mess-free and dexterity issues are eliminated with the simple flip lid. The anti-spill valve offers directional, controlled dispensing and it’s portability means it can be easily stored. Even the tamper proof pull ring, which is perfect for the beauty and food industry, instills a sense of trust in the product. The Standcap delivers on all of that and it has instant shelf appeal too.

This unique pouch serves leading brands, but also provides a low-cost, effective entry level packaging for companies. Research also indicates that sales have been increased by up to 70% and is currently outperforming conventional packaging formats. At allpack® our design team can assess your current packaging, put forward designs and create what your consumers desire.

You may not need a stand up pouch, but you may want to steer your product away from conventional packaging formats by developing innovative, interesting, convenient packaging that will blow your opponents away and make your consumers happy. At allpack® we have the knowledge, expertise and manufacturing capability to make this happen.

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Source: Glenroy.com: Standcap Inverted Pouches