Historical beer company refreshes look with new label designs.

Vintage looks or fresh new designs?

Revamping 180 years of beer heritage….

Picture this….a beer company that has successfully traded for 180 years but needs to introduce new ranges and keep the old ones current. How would you do it? For Stockport based Brewer, Robinsons, it came in the form of an 18 month collaboration with The Label Maker. 

Observing the heritage of a business is crucial in label art and design. You really don’t want to lose the very essence of what makes a business and their products successful. Thus, when The Label Maker were tasked with creating labelling for some of Robinsons’ premium beers and their 122 year old Unicorn Copper Ale, they were ultra aware of the Brands loyal customer base and UK links.

Thoughtful, elegant and robust labelling.

Jazzing it up with hype and bright colours wasn’t an option, so, The Label Maker set about creating a die-cut label that included the silhouette of the Stockport premises; a symbol of their past, present and future. They also used a state of the art combination press to create the label in a single transaction. Colours were tonal and the use of hot foil embellishment gave the labelling an air of quality, perfect for a premium beer. Plus, it goes without saying that a label this elegant would need to be put through its paces with robust testing to ensure the longevity of the label, during storage, all weather transit and end user. The result was a label that was both current and symbolised the business.
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Source: https://packagingeurope.com/the-label-makers-help-refresh-robinsons-premium-beer/