PR and packaging - don't get caught out!

By now we’ve all seen the clip (if you haven’t look below)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been given a disposable coffee cup, only to have it taken away from him seconds later by his aide.

Gone are the days of people thinking any PR is good PR, with social media a bad clip or story can make or break your business overnight. 

With the type of polarising figure Mr Johnson is the last thing he needs is another issue surrounding him. Being seen with plastic, or non-recyclable products is almost a sin in the modern age.

Now at the forefront of social issues is being more environmentally friendly. Especially in terms of packaging and disposing of that packaging.

Imagine the backlash with your companies branding swept across beaches and damaging wildlife across the globe?

The longer a company is in business the more likely some sort of scandal will occur. Years of hard work undone in hours. But how the company handles its scandal is completely in the company’s control. Whether a business seems obstinate in defending its mistake and unwilling to address the problem or communicates care for those affected and a commitment to change, can make all the difference for consumers looking to put trust in a brand.

Here are some tips of what to do if you suffer from an unfortunate issue:

Admit your mistake (people are far more forgiven of remorseful companies)
Have a plan in place of what action to take if the unfortunate should occur
Listen and respond (social media can be a great tool for this)
Stand your ground, if you’re in the right down bow down to pressure the short-term negativity can be outweighed by long term gain

It goes without saying one if you can avoid the bad PR, you should. Companies are aware of this and are switching their packaging products. Plastic products are switching to paper and the focus is on gaining the right packaging, so waste is kept to a minimum.

It isn’t feasible to not use any packaging at all. The key is to reduce, reuse, recycle your packaging as much as possible. We can help with providing environmental consultation for your packaging processes and reduce your current packaging or replace it with environmentally neutral products.

If you’d like to explore how to make your packaging environmentally friendly, contact one of our packaging experts today. By clicking here or call 01922 472 400