Zakk's Story - The difference we can all make...

Participating and donating to charities and events plays a more and more significant role in our everyday lives. We are approached to donate to charities in the street, through social media and from our friends, family and colleagues. Choosing to help and enrich someone else’s life is such as generous thing to do and here at allpack® we do not shy away from our responsibility to support our fellow man.

As an organisation lead by a devoted Christian family we thrive on giving back and most recently we have had the pleasure to be involved with a Charity Raffle. This Raffle was to enrich the life of a 15 year old boy Zakk who has been struck by a teenage cancer. His story is so moving we were compelled to get involved.

Like all other 15 year boy’s Zakk has dreams and aspirations. He is a keen footballer, loving son and brother with a passion for Hell’s Kitchen! He has a cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma which will shorten his life and only give him about 5 more years to live life to the fullest . To devastate him and his family more is he was given the dreadful news of his illness on the 2 nd anniversary of his own fathers passing to cancer.

The Charity Raffle we got involved in managed to raise £523.50 towards the goal of £7,000 to help Zakk live his dreams and improve his quality of life.
Of course we can all still do more! You can still give to his cause and read more about Zakk’s story at

If we all enhance just one person’s life no matter how long or short, we have done a fantastic job, let’s keep up that good work!